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1,200 Italy migrants arrived

By: Eric Tian

The migrants, who hail from several Asian, African, and Middle Eastern nations landed at ports in Sicily. Officers from Italy said that there were 674 people and five dead bodies crowded in a small fishing boat.

On Saturday, 544 people were rescued and were brought to Lempudesa which is a main port in Europe for people wanting to reach Europe.

Some of the migrants are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

The island's immigration center has been overwhelmed by huge increases in landings in recent weeks. The Ansa News reported that the center was well over 350 people in capacity, with some 1,184 people currently being held at the site.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most dangerous routes for migration. 3,231 people have died or gone missing when they went to this route and the northwest Atlantic in 2021.

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