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About Us

Grow not only as a writer, but also as an individual.

​Welcome to The EWJ! This online publication is written by EWC students, copy-edited by the EWC team, and geared towards — well, everyone.
Our Mission
To form positive habits of reading reputable periodicals in order to regularly engage with current events,
To reflect on how the world at large impacts students’ own lives through various written media,
To provide individualized and personal feedback on our students' work and showcase them to a public audience in order to generate positive feedback.


Emerson Monks



EWC Resident Editor

EWJ Manager

Sadie is an artist and writer based in Rekjavik Iceland. She graduated from Yale Cum Laude and with the highest for achievements in the arts and humanities that Yale offers. She received a Fulbright to make work in Iceland, where she now lives with her girlfriend Diljá. Sadie teaches at the Iceland School of Visual Arts and the Iceland School of Photography. Sadie has worked at many small magazines as a contributor and editor, works with artists, students and high schools to write grants and applications. Sadie’s work has been shown and published nationally and internationally.

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EWC Resident Editor

EWJ Manager

Brian Ham is a student at Harvard University with a currently undecided concentration. He attended high school in Seoul, South Korea, where he served as editor-in-chief for the print newspaper, and plans to write for the Harvard Crimson this fall. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and eating strawberries by the dozen.